Permits, Applications & Licences

The Town of The Blue Mountains is responsible for issuing a wide variety of licences and permits. Whether you are starting a new building project or applying for a dog licence, Town staff are happy to help.

The following table provides a centralized directory for all permits, applications and licences. If you are not able to find what you're looking for, please contact the Town for assistance. 

Title Category
Accessory Apartments
A building permit is required for creating a new accessory apartment unit in a dwelling or in a detached accessory structure.
Building & Development Document
Accessory Buildings
To build an accessory building on a property (such as a detached garage, shed or pool house) a building permit is required.
Building & Development Document
Additions & Renovations
A building permit is required when making any renovations to or constructing an addition onto a building.
Building & Development Document
Application to Construct or Demolish
Those who wish to construct or demolish any building or dwelling on a property must fill out an application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish.
Building & Development Document
Axle Weight Exemption Application
The Town Manager of Roads and Drainage or his or her designate, shall have the authority to place or remove any or all reduced load signs at his or her sole discretion, on the following roads pursuant to By-law No. 2010-54.  Axle Weight…
Roads Document
Celebrate a Business Milestone Form
The Mayor offers letters of congratulation to businesses celebrating milestones in our community such as a grand opening or significant anniversary.
Change of Mailing Address Form Finance Document
Commercial Building Permits
A building permit is required to construct, demolish or renovate a commercial building. A commercial building is a building that is used for commercial use. Types can include office buildings, warehouses, or retail, including convenience stores…
Building & Development Document
Consent to Sever
Consent to sever, commonly referred to as land severance, is a process granted by Council to permit land division. The consent of Council is required in order to create a new lot or lots, establish rights-of-ways or easements, mortgage a portion of…
Building & Development Document
Demolition Permit Guide
A demolition permit must be obtained for the demolition of all buildings and structures, except for farm buildings.
Building & Development Document