Road Maintenance

The Roads and Drainage Division maintains over 265 km of roads within the Town. The Division coordinates roads and drainage-related maintenance work and activities from the operations yard in Ravenna.

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1. Report an Issue
2. Spring, Summer & Fall Maintenance
3. Winter Maintenance
4. Municipal Lands Use Permit
5. Significant Weather Event
6. Highway 26 FAQ
7. Additional Information

Report an Issue / Online Service Requests

Use the Online Service System to report road maintenance issues including pothole repairs, boulevard repairs, tree removal, culvert blockage/flooding, sign & light repairs, and more.

Report an Issue

Freshly resurfaced road with traffic pylons

Spring, Summer & Fall Maintenance 

Learn about surface and roadside maintenance, weed control and axle weight restrictions during spring, summer and fall.

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Winter Maintenance

Learn about winter maintenance, including parking restrictions, flood prevention, and snow and ice removal.

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Snowplow clearing residential street
Drake's Path

Permits for Work on Town Lands

To ensure public safety, the Town regulates construction-related activities on Town land. 

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Significant Weather Event

Find out more about weather events that can result in road closures and disruptions to the transportation network.

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Car following transport truck on road during snow storm

Highway 26 FAQ

Additional Information