Spring, Summer & Fall Maintenance

The Roads and Drainage Division completes a variety of preventative measures to ensure that all Town-owned roads and infrastructure are maintained and safe for public use throughout all seasons.

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2. Annual Maintenance Program
3. Road Surface Management
4. Roadside Maintenance
5. Infrastructure & Equipment Maintenance
6. Weed Control & Wild Chervil Management
7. Axle Weight Restrictions

Report an Issue / Online Service Requests

Use the Online Service System to report road maintenance issues including pothole repairs, boulevard repairs, tree removal, culvert blockage/flooding, sign & light repairs, and more.

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Annual Maintenance Program

The Town's Roads and Drainage Division performs many preventative measures to ensure that all Town-owned roads and infrastructure are maintained and safe for public use throughout all seasons.

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Road Surface Management

Roadside Maintenance

Infrastructure & Equipment Maintenance

Weed Control & Wild Chervil Management

The Town is required to control weeds that have been deemed noxious in the Province of Ontario under the Weed Control Act. Roadside spot spraying takes place between May and June of each year and is contracted through a licensed technician. 

Wild Chervil

Wild chervil is a herbaceous biennial or short-lived perennial from the parsley family. As a heavy seed producer, it is easily spread to new locations and can quickly take over an area, displacing native species and forming dense stands which can be hard to control. It is most commonly found along roadsides, fence lines, streambanks, in ditches, and competing with pastures and hay crops.

Starting in 2023, the Town is shifting to a reactive Wild Chervil Management Strategy that will rely on spot spraying and shared stewardship with the public. With this shift, residents will no longer have to opt out of pesticide spraying. If residents identify wild chervil within the road allowance fronting their property they are asked to either cut the chervil themselves before it goes to seed, or contact the Town's Operations Department prior to Monday, May 15, 2023 to arrange a spot spraying treatment.

Map of Areas of Concern

Frequently Asked Questions

Axle Weight Restrictions

Axle weight restrictions are placed on specific roadways to prevent damage to road surfaces during the spring thaw. Reduced load road signs are placed on roads pursuant to axle weight restrictions under By-Law No. 2010-54.

Please Note

As of Wednesday, May 10, 2023, all seasonal Axle Weight Restrictions have been lifted on Town roadways.

Please note: the Town does not provide Axle Weight Restriction exemption permits for construction-related activities.

Axle Weight Exemptions

To apply for an exemption to the Axle Weight Restrictions, please download an Axle Weight Exemption Application.