Sewer Services

The Town is responsible for providing municipal sanitary sewer services (wastewater) to connected properties. If you would like to connect your property to municipal services, please visit the Building Services page.

If you are looking for information on privately owned septic systems, please visit the Grey Bruce Health Unit website.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Wastewater Emergency: 705-446-5041

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Town's Wastewater Operators are responsible for overseeing the treatment of wastewater at both the Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plan and the Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plan. The treatment process consists of pretreatment, aeration, clarifiers, digesters, tertiary, and effluent UV disinfection.

Aeration and clarifier tank at Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant

Craigleith Wastewater Treatment Plant

This plant uses an extended aeration modification of the conventional activated sludge sewage treatment process which was selected to allow for the fluctuating loads associated with the recreational/seasonal residential area that is being serviced by the plant and to limit the quantity of sludge generated by the plant. There are three pumping stations in this area and one main lift station that delivers all liquid waste to the treatment facility.

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Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plant

Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plant

This plant uses an extended aeration version of the activated sludge process. The facility incorporates pretreatment, aeration, clarifiers for settling and U.V. effluent disinfection. Waste sludge is stabilized in a lagoon followed by an effluent polishing pond. There are six pumping stations in this area, with two main lift stations that deliver all liquid waste to the treatment facility.

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