Water Services

The Town is responsible for delivering municipal water to connected properties. To verify if municipal water services are available at your property, please contact the Water & Wastewater Division.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Water Emergency: 226-665-0707

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2. Drinking Water Quality and Compliance
3. Water Use Restrictions
4. General Information
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Water Meter Upgrade Program

Water Treatment, Supply, Distribution & Infrastructure

Many elements make up the Town's water treatment and distribution system, including our Water Treatment Plant, booster stations, reservoirs and more than 120 km of watermain. This system ensures that clean, quality drinking water is available whenever you turn on your tap.    

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance

The safety and quality of municipal tap water is a provincial and municipal responsibility. The Town's licensed water operators ensure the high-quality standard for drinking water and operates the water system in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 and all applicable Ontario Regulations. Regulations can be viewed at the Provincial Government’s e-Law Website.

The Town of The Blue Mountains drinking water consistently meets all Ontario Drinking Water Standards. The regulation focuses on treating and testing drinking water and mandates public access to information and notification of adverse results. In accordance with Ontario Regulation 170/03 (11) under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, the most recent annual report is available in the documents section of this webpage.

Water Use Restrictions

Lawn watering restrictions are implemented annually from June 1 to September 1. The purpose of the restrictions are to ensuring adequate quantities of potable water for consumer demand and for essential services such as fire fighting purposes. At times when production cannot meet high consumer demand, the Town will initiate an outdoor water use restriction. Water use restrictions only apply to properties connected to the municipal water system.

Stage 1 Water Use Restrictions Currently in Effect

  • Residents may water between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., and 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Properties with odd-numbered addresses can water on odd-numbered calendar days
  • Properties with even-numbered addresses can water on even-numbered calendar days

    General Information

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Water Meter Upgrade Program

    The Town of The Blue Mountains will be replacing all water meters on properties connected to the municipal water system before the end of 2023.

    Town staff are currently required to complete 6,300 individual water meter readings every two months. The new meters will automatically send readings to the Town without the need to physically visit every property.

    What to Expect

    1. When installation appointments are available in your neighbourhood, you will be contacted by the Town's contractor, Neptune Technology Group, to book a service appointment. Please do not contact Neptune until you have received the notice with your booking reference number.
    2. There is no charge for the new meter or installation, and there will be no service interruptions outside of your scheduled appointment.

    Latest Update

    May 15, 2023 - Neptune Technology Group will begin installations in the Thornbury area in the coming weeks.

    Why is the Town doing this?

    The new meter reading technology will benefit property owners and the Town in a number of ways:

    1. Advanced Leak Detection and Consumption Alerts
      The Town will be alerted to any unusual spikes in usage indicating potential leaks, and homeowners will be notified in a more expedited manner.
    2. Automated Reading
      Town staff will not be required to travel to every connected property to record the meter reading.
    3. Seamless Transition
      When properties are bought and sold, the transfer of user accounts and payments will be more efficient.
    4. Increased Efficiencies and Reporting
      The Town will be able to monitor water using a web portal with up-to-the-hour accuracy.
    5. Future Expansion
      The new program will allow the Town to extend meter readings to new growth areas.

    Safety of Smart Meters

    Smart meters are wireless devices that transmit information using radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) to let utility companies know how much water, gas or electricity a household or business is using. There are no health risks from exposure to radiofrequency EMF from smart meters. For more information, please view the documents linked below.

    View Health Canada Fact Sheet

    View Radio Frequency FAQ