Water Services

The Town is responsible for delivering municipal water to connected properties. To verify if municipal water services are available at your property, please contact the Water & Wastewater Division.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Water Emergency: 226-665-0707

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Water Treatment, Supply, Distribution & Infrastructure

Water Treatment and Supply

The Thornbury Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is owned and operated by the Town. The Thornbury WTP is classified as a large municipal residential system and supplies potable drinking water to all connected properties. The plant was constructed in 1977 and became operational in 1978. Over the years, many improvements and enhancements such as the installation of microfiltration membrane units have been added to ensure that the treatment plant remains efficient and effective.

In addition to the Thornbury WTP, supplemental water supply is received from the Town of Collingwood through the Mountain Road Booster Station.

Water Distribution

The water distribution system consists of approximately 120 kilometres of water main ranging in size up to 400 millimetres. Water main materials consist of PVC, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement and high-density polyethylene.

The Town completes regular water main maintenance and replacement programs to ensure that infrastructure maintenance is maintained.

Water Pressure and Infrastructure

The Town’s Water Section controls and monitors the water pressure throughout the Town-owned water distribution system in accordance with requirements of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. This system includes the water mains at the street, and the laterals leading from the water main to the curb stop. Curb stops are the property of the Town, and are only to be operated by a Town Water Operator.

A water service on private property connected to the curb stop, not including the water meter, is classified as private plumbing. The Town is not responsible for controlling the water pressure in a home beyond the curb stop. Private plumbing fixtures, including hot water heaters or heating systems which utilize water, can increase the water pressure in a home beyond the level that it was at when it passed the curb stop. Thermal Expansion Tanks can be installed to manage this excess pressure, but they are classified as private plumbing fixtures according to the Ontario Building Code 2012 O.Reg. 332/12.

When metered water consumption was first introduced, The Town occasionally, on a case-by-case basis, provided Thermal Expansion Tanks to residents. However, this practice was discontinued in 2011, and the Town no longer supplies Thermal Expansion Tanks to residents. Maintenance and replacement of any Thermal Expansion Tank is the responsibility of the homeowner.

General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Meter Replacement Program

The Town of The Blue Mountains will be replacing all water meters on properties connected to the municipal water system before the end of 2023.

Town staff are currently required to complete 6,300 individual water meter readings every two months. The new meters will automatically send readings to the Town without the need to physically visit every property.

What to Expect

  1. The Town will contact property owners once the installation work has been tendered.
  2. Property owners will need to book a service appointment to have the new water meter installed by the Town’s vendor.
  3. There will be no service interruptions outside of your scheduled appointment.

Why is the Town doing this?

The new meter reading technology will benefit property owners and the Town in a number of ways:

  1. Advanced Leak Detection and Consumption Alerts
    The Town will be alerted to any unusual spikes in usage indicating potential leaks, and homeowners will be notified in a more expedited manner.
  2. Automated Reading
    Town staff will not be required to travel to every connected property to record the meter reading.
  3. Seamless Transition
    When properties are bought and sold, the transfer of user accounts and payments will be more efficient.
  4. Increased Efficiencies and Reporting
    The Town will be able to monitor water using a web portal with up-to-the-hour accuracy.
  5. Future Expansion
    The new program will allow the Town to extend meter readings to new growth areas.

Next Steps

No action is required from property owners at this time, but please watch your mail and this page for additional information.