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Solid Waste Services

 Notice- Curbside waste collection will continue to operate as normal and on your regularly scheduled collection day. To ensure social distancing, the Town’s Waste Disposal Site will be closed to the general public and residents until further notice.

Waste Resource Web App

The Town's Waste Resource Web App is a tool that residents can use to confirm collection day and holiday collection information. It can also be used to determine what types of materials or waste are accepted curbside or at the Landfill Site.

Missed Collection

To report missed collection, contact the Operations Department. Please include the municipal address of the missed collection. 

Please ensure:

  • Waste is curbside by 7:00a.m.
  • Full/Empty tab system installed properly and is visible
  • Two bag limit with second bag tagged
  • Weight bag/can limit is 18kgs
  • Bag size limit is 76cm x 97cm
  • Can must have side handles, limited to 84cm height x 56cm diameter
  • Recycling sorted into Grey and Blue box materials, see Waste Resource Guide for instruction
  • Cardboard flattened to 61cm x 46cm x 15cm, placed near recycling bins

Curbside Collection & Yard Waste

Please have garbage, recycling, and organics curbside and ready for pickup by 7:00 a.m. on your day of collection!

  • Garbage (two bag limit; first bag is free, second bag must be tagged), Recycling (blue and grey box), and Organics (green bin) are collected weekly
  • Garbage bag weight limit is 18kg with dimensions of no larger than 76cm by 97cm
  • Garbage cans must have side handles and dimensions no larger than 84cm in height by 56cm in diameter
  • Garbage Bag Tags are $3.00 and available for pickup at Town Hall, the Landfill Site, L.E. Shore Memorial Library, Craigleith Heritage Depot, Thornbury Foodland, Hindles Hardware, Home Hardware, Macs Convenience Thornbury, Circle K, Ravenna Country Market, and the Blue Mountain Convenience/Esso Station. 
  • Yard Waste is collected for four weeks in the Spring and four weeks in the Fall 
  • Yard Waste collected curbside is limited to 10 compostable bags or containers weekly
  • Oversized yard waste is not collected curbside but can be delivered to the landfill site free of charge
  • Oversized yard waste is considered yard waste in a container with dimensions beyond 89cm high and 41cm wide
  • Batteries are collected curbside during the month of September
  • Batteries should be placed in a clear bag on top of the blue box

Blue bins (recycling), grey bins (recycling), and green bins (organics) are available for purchase at Town Hall, 32 Mill Street Thornbury as well as at the Landfill Site.

When is My Collection Day?

To find out when your garbage, recycling and green bin collection day is, please put your home address into the Waste Resource Web App at the top of the page or check the Waste Collection Schedule Map.

Christmas Tree Collection

  • Collection of Christmas trees will only occur during the first full week in January after New Year's Day.

Waste Resource Guide

  • Additional information regarding curbside collection and solid waste information can be accessed via the Waste Resource Guide

Location & Hours of Operation

  • Located at 788090 Grey Road 13, south of Grey Road 40
  • Open to waste generated in The Blue Mountains only
  • Open Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Tipping Fees

A fee of $150.00 per metric tonne will apply to waste materials delivered to the landfill. Please note that there is a minimum site fee of $6.00 per load.

Household recyclables, tires, electronic waste, hazardous waste (May to September ONLY) and yard waste can be dropped off free of charge during hours of operation.

Bulky items can be delivered to the landfill site; fees may apply.

Electronic Waste Recycling

Recycle your used and unwanted electronics for free!

Most home electronic devices qualify for recycling – bring out your dead (or done) computers, televisions, stereos, VCRs, phones, printers, etc. to the landfill and we’ll recycle them.

The landfill accepts all refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers for a charge of $15.00 each during regular hours of operation.

Bottles for BVO

Deposit return containers may now be delivered to the landfill site during hours of operation. Sorted LCBO and Beer Store containers will be returned for deposit to benefit our local Beaver Valley Outreach programs.

Use of the Hazardous Waste Depot is free!

  • The Hazardous Waste Depot is open May 1 to September 29 only
  • Hours of Operation: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Saturdays 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 
  • Bring accepted items to the Depot located at the Landfill Site and we'll dispose of them properly and carefully
  • Check the list of Accepted Items to find out what can be dropped off at the depot
  • Items NOT accepted include: explosives, flares, ammunition, unidentified waste, infectious waste, industrial, commercial or agricultural waste

If you have a stationary curbside garbage box you need to use the Waste TAB indicator! These TABs are installed on your stationary curbside garbage box and are available for pick up at Town Hall (32 Mill Street Thornbury) or the Landfill Site.

TAB indicators are available for a cost of $3.00 each. 

Stationary curbside garbage boxes can be purchased at many hardware stores. Ensure that prior to placing a Stationary curbside garbage box within the Town Road Allowance a Permit is applied for by contacting the Operations Department. This ensures that the location of the box will not interfere with Town maintenance activities.

In an effort to clearly identify and plan promotions and education efforts associated with waste diversion in the Town's waste diversion system, a Waste Diversion Communications Plan has been created.

The Plan outlines intended actions and annual monitoring of actions against tonnage of material collected.


Manager of Solid Waste & Special Projects
519-599-3131 x238

Operations Department
519-599-3131 x276