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2022 Town Budget - Approved February 28, 2022

The 2022 Town Budget was approved by Council on February 28, 2022.

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Each year, the Finance Department leads the preparation of the annual budget for the Town. As part of the Strategic Plan to ensure long-term financial stability of the community, the Town is committed to community involvement and feedback throughout the budget process. 

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Budget Process

Developing the annual budget involves several months of planning and coordination among Town Staff, Council, and stakeholders. This process involves extensive consultation with the public and ratepayers, ending with the development of a three-year operating budget and a five-year capital budget for the following year.

The Town’s budgeting goal is to ensure, through prudent fiscal planning, the long-term economic sustainability of the community.

Budget Factors and Guidelines

Resident, business and visitor demand for services and the community’s ability to pay for these services guide municipal spending. As infrastructure ages, funds must be committed for proper maintenance and refurbishment.

The Town recognizes that taxpayers are demanding value for their money. A balance must be achieved between demand for services and the taxpayers’ ability to pay for these services. The Town must ensure that services, programs, and facility commitments are sustainable now and in the future.

There are a number of factors that affect the preparation of the annual budget, including inflation, growth, development activity, economic trends, changing market conditions, taxation issues, and policy decisions of Council.

2022 Budget and Timeline

The 2022 Proposed Budget was released on November 12, 2021 for public review and input. The proposed budget included both Operating and Capital as well as proposed Fees and Charges. The 2022 Proposed Town Budget served as a starting point for budget deliberations.

The proposed budget was reviewed and deliberated by Council at a series of special budget meetings in early December 2021. These meetings were conducted virtually and were live-streamed to the Town website.

On January 12, 2022, following review and direction from Council, the budget document was revised and the Updated 2022 Draft Budget was posted to the Town website. Following the release of the 2022 Draft Budget, the Town held a Public Meeting to receive public feedback. Following the public meeting, a staff report was presented to Council outlining the public’s comments from the Public Meeting. 

On February 28, 2022, the 2022 Town Budget was presented and approved by Council. 

Press Releases, Notices & Reports

Important Dates & Budget Documents

The following is a list of important dates in the 2022 Budget Process:

Previous Budgets

Budget YearApproval DateLink
2021February 8, 20212021 Approved Budget
2020March 30, 20202020 Approved Budget
2019April 24, 20192019 Approved Budget
2018February 12, 20182018 Approved Budget
2017February 13, 20172017 Approved Budget

2013-2016 Town Budgets

The Town is committed to creating an accessible online environment and ensuring that its web documents are available to everyone by meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

As the Town’s Approved Budgets between 2013 and 2016 do not meet AODA standards, the documents are not posted on the Town’s website. If you would like an electronic copy of any of these Approved Budgets, please contact the Finance Department.

For more information on the AODA and accessibility, please visit the Accessibility page.

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