Corporate Policies

Policy Number Policy Name
POL.COR.07.01 Accountability and Transparency of Town Actions to the Public Policy
POL.COR.07.02 Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy
POL.COR.07.03 Provision of Notice and Manner of Giving Notice to the Public Policy
POL.COR.07.04 Delegation by Council of Powers and Duties Policy
POL.COR.07.05 Purchasing of Goods and Services Policy
POL.COR.09.08 Closed Session Meetings Policy
POL.COR.11.09 Commodity Price Hedging Policy
POL.COR.12.11 Corporate Media Relations Policy
POL.COR.12.13 Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy
POL.COR.12.14 Corporate Sponsorship and Advertising Policy
POL.COR.12.15 Public Art Policy
POL.COR.13.16 Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation Policy
POL.COR.13.18 Charitable Donations Receipt Policy
POL.COR.13.19 Asset Transfers to Corporations Policy
POL.COR.13.21 Unconnected Vacant Lots Fronting Municipal Water and Wastewater Services Policy
POL.COR.13.22 Minimum Winter Maintenance Standards and Level of Service Policy
POL.COR.13.23 Corporate Vehicle Policy
POL.COR.13.24 Progressive Discipline Policy
POL.COR.13.25 Personal Emergency & Sick Leave Policy
POL.COR.13.26 Leaves of Absence Policy
POL.COR.13.28 Model Home Policy
POL.COR.14.01 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan Policy
POL.COR.14.02 Local Servicing Policy and Guidelines
POL.COR.14.03 Council Information Technology Usage Policy
POL.COR.15.02 Public Meeting Comments Policy
POL.COR.16.01 Electronic Data Backup Policy
POL.COR.16.02 Development Engineering Reserve Policy
POL.COR.16.03 Building Division Rate Stabilization Reserve Fund Policy
POL.COR.16.04 Legal Reserve Policy
POL.COR.16.05 Town Complaint Resolution Policy
POL.COR.17.01 Debt Policy
POL.COR.17.02 Affordability Policy for Water and Wastewater Service Extensions
POL.COR.17.03 Selection of Municipal Wastewater Servicing Methodology and Responsibility of Grinder Pumps
POL.COR.17.04 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy
POL.COR.17.05 Vacation Policy
POL.COR.17.06 Lieu & Overtime Policy
POL.COR.17.07 Asset Management Policy
POL.COR.18.01 Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes Policy
POL.COR.18.02 Bereavement Leave Policy
POL.COR.18.03 Appointment of an Alternate Member of Council to Grey County Council
POL.COR.18.04 Protocol Policy for Complaints Related to Council Members and Local Boards
POL.COR.18.05 Travel, Business, and Mileage Expense Policy
POL.COR.18.06 Pregnancy & Parental Leave - Employee Policy
POL.COR.18.07 Pregnancy & Parental Leave - Council Policy
POL.COR.18.08 Workplace Violence & Harassment Policy
POL.COR.18.09 CAO Annual Performance Review Process
POL.COR.18.10 Social Media Policy
POL.COR.19.01 Winter Maintenance Standards & Level of Service Policy
POL.COR.19.02 Council Staff Relationship Protocol
POL.COR.19.03 Tax Billing & Collection Policy
POL.COR.19.04 Tangible Capital Assets Policy
POL.COR.19.05 Inclement Weather Policy
POL.COR.20.01 Virtual Public Meetings/Public Engagement During a Declared State of Emergency Policy
POL.COR.20.02 Volunteer Policy
POL.COR.20.04 Inter-functional Transfer Policy 
POL.COR.21.01 Flag Protocol and Proclamation Policy
POL.COR.21.02 Prevention of Political Interference in the Administrative Monetary Penalties System
POL.COR.21.03 Public Complaints Respecting Administration of the Administrative Monetary Penalties System Program
POL.COR.21.04 Conflict of Interest in Relation to the Administration of the Administrative Monetary Penalties System
POL.COR.21.05 Financial Management and Reporting for the Administrative Monetary Penalties System
POL.COR.21.06 Code of Conduct for Members of Council, Local Boards and Advisory Committees Policy
POL.COR.22.01 Records and Information Management Policy
POL.COR.22.02 Hiring of Employees Policy
POL.COR.22.03 Performance Management Program Policy
POL.COR.22.04 Public and Town Designated Paid Holidays Policy
POL.COR.22.05 Volunteer Recognition Program Policy
POL.COR.22.06 Disconnecting From Work Policy
POL.COR.22.07 Respectful Public Interactions Policy
POL.COR.22.08 Frivolous, Vexatious or Unreasonable Complaints Policy
POL.COR.23.01 Compensation Administration Program Policy
POL.COR.23.02 Town Hall Display Policy
POL.COR.23.03 Jury Duty and Attendance in Court Policy
POL.COR.23.04 Personal Unpaid Leave of Absence Policy
POL.COR.23.05 Municipal Net Zero Emissions Buildings Policy
POL.COR.23.06 Municipal Construction Waste and Deconstruction Policy