Committee of the Whole - April 8, 2024 Revised

Council & Committee News

The Revised April 8, 2024 Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda Package is now available for review. The Agenda was revised as follows:

    • B-1-2-Deputation-Ken-Hale-GTDI-Re-Development-Charges-Background-Study-and-By-law
    • B-1-3-Deputation-Kathleen-Schofield-Great-Gulf-Re-Development-Charges-Background-Study-and-By-law
    • B-1-4-Deputation-Ian-MacPherson-Primont-Re-Development-Charges-Background-Study-and-By-law
    • B-1-5-Deputation-MHBC-Eden-Oak-Re-Development-Charges-Background-Study-and-By-law

Original Post: April 2, 2024

The April 8, 2024 Committee of the Whole Meeting Agenda Package (Revised) is now available for review. 

Comments received from the public that have not been included on the Agenda will be read at the meeting by the Town Clerk.

The meeting will be live streamed and an archived recording of the meeting will be posted the Agendas, Minutes & Reports webpage.