Construction Notice - Water Meter Upgrade Program

Maintenance / Service Disruptions

The Town of the Blue Mountains would like to provide residents with an update regarding the water meter upgrade program. Approved through the 2022 budget, the water meter upgrade program aims to reduce water loss and increase efficiencies for Town staff and residents. There is no charge for the meter or the installation.

To complete the work, the Town has contracted Neptune Technology Group to upgrade existing water meters throughout the majority of the municipality. This is a mandatory program in accordance with By-Law No. 2008-02 Which is a by-law to provide for the regulation of water supply within the Town of the Blue Mountains. For more information, please visit the Water Services page on the Town’s website.

Booking Your Installation

Installations will be carried out on an area-by-area basis. Neptune plans to begin installations in Thornbury in mid-May and will progress into the Craigleith and Blue Mountain Village area in June.

As technicians move into your area, you will receive a letter in the mail containing information on how to book your appointment. If you are a tenant, please contact the building owner when you receive this information. Please do not contact Neptune until you have received the notice with your booking reference number.

The Installation Process

Appointments to install the new water meters can be made to fit your schedule. The upgrade procedure requires approximately 30-90 minutes to complete, during which time the water will be shut off for a brief period. For your convenience, appointments are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

These upgrades will allow the Town’s water department to read the water meter from outside of your house and eliminate the need for staff to gain access to your property to read the meter.

Prior to the Installation

Please ensure the area around the existing water meter is clear and accessible and leave ample room for the technician to work. Your existing shut-off valve should be located where the water service comes into your house. Please check your main water shut-off valve to ensure that the value is operable.

Fore more information, please contact:

Town of The Blue Mountains
Water and Wastewater Inquiries

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