Trees Within Thornbury West Phase 1B Construction Boundaries to be Marked for Removal

Map of Thornbury West project area
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The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to inform the public that trees slated for removal within the boundaries of the Thornbury West Phase 1B Reconstruction project are scheduled to be marked this week.

The Town’s project team will be posting notices on all trees that will be removed. The marked trees will be removed through the winter to avoid conflicts with nesting birds. A contractor will be secured through the Phase 1B construction tender which is expected to be awarded in late 2023 or early 2024. An inventory and health assessment of all trees within the project boundaries was completed by an arborist in February of 2021, and health and conditions have been monitored since that time. Deterioration has been noted amongst multiple trees located in close proximity to properties that have seen significant renovations, new builds or service pipes replaced.

Over the past year, the Town has committed additional time to thoroughly evaluate the design of Phase 1B with Tatham Engineering. Through these efforts, opportunities to retain existing mature trees within the project boundaries have been identified. However, significant tree removals will still be required throughout this area due to tree health, grading, road cross sections and conflicts with drinking water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer services. Updates regarding the removals will be posted to the project page on the Town’s website and sent to project email subscribers.

For more information regarding the Thornbury West Phase 1 Reconstruction, or to subscribe to the project email list, please visit the project web page.

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Town of The Blue Mountains
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