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Wakeboard & Waterski Park (formerly Cedar Run)

This development was formerly known as the "Cedar Run Horsepark". The subject lands are irregular in shape and have a total area of approximately 35.78 ha (88.41 acres). The lands have direct access to, and frontage on, Clark Street (approximately 423.43 metres) and additional frontage on Grey Road 2 (approximately 396.18 metres). The proposed amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-law would remove the ‘Horse Park’ use and add a ‘Water ski and Wakeboard Cable Park’ as a permitted use of the lands, as well as appropriate implementing provisions. The proposed facility is comprised of three separate “cable systems”; sets of overhead, high-tensile cables, powered by an electric drive motor (similar to a chair lift at a ski hill), which would tow participants along a series of man-made, isolated ponds. The plan includes one Full Size Cable System as well as two Straight-Line Cable Systems. The main attraction of the park is the Full-Size Cable System. There are six towers that support a moving cable suspended 30 metres above the water and completes a 360-degree loop. Proposed accessory uses include passive recreation areas, a pro shop and office, washrooms and a change facilities, surface and overflow parking areas, and overnight accommodations and commercial uses proposed as a future phase. The park is expected to generate up to 140 users over an average day.

A Public Meeting for this project will be held on November 18, 2019.  Following the Public Meeting, Town Staff will compile and review all received comments and prepare a Recommendation Report for Council's consideration in making a decision.

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Wakeboard and Waterski Park