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Wakeboard & Waterski Park (formerly Cedar Run)

This development was formerly known as the "Cedar Run Horsepark". The subject lands are irregular in shape and have a total area of approximately 35.78 ha (88.41 acres). It has direct access to and frontage on Clark Street (approximately 423.43 metres) and additional frontage on Grey Road 2 (approximately 396.18 metres).

The primary components of the park are comprised of three separate “cable systems”; sets of overhead, high-tensile cables, powered by an electric drive motor (similar to a chair lift at a ski hill),which would tow participants along a series of man-made, isolated ponds. The plan includes one Full Size Cable System as well as two Straight-Line Cable Systems. The main attraction of the park is the Full-Size Cable System. There are six towers that support a moving cable suspended 30 metres above the water and completes a 360-degree loop. Up to nine riders at spaced intervals are towed in a counter-clockwise direction around the loop.

In addition to providing a World-Class Water Ski and Wakeboard Cable Park, the park’s design will also offer other amenities such as passive recreation areas, a pro shop and office, washrooms and a change area for public use, surface and overflow parking areas and cabins for overnight accommodation, proposed at a future phase.The proposed pro shop and office will function much the same way as a clubhouse does for a golf course. The building is proposed to be one-storey in height and 225 square meters in total gross floor area. The pro-shop is located near the main entry, and within close proximity to the cable systems, where visitors will pay for the day’s activities pass and have an opportunity to purchase sundries, equipment and apparel, or to rent equipment for those without their own.

There will be locker rooms for changing and showering as well as restroom facilities and an administrative office. The park is expected to generate up to 140 users over an average day.

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Wakeboard and Waterski Park