Construction equipment working on Arthur Street Parking Lot

Arthur Street West Parking Lot

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On June 15, 2020, The Blue Mountains Council approved the purchase of Lot 15 and Lot 17 on Arthur Street West in Thornbury with the purpose of providing a formalized parking area.

Measuring approximately 2600 square metres, the area will be developed into a small hard surfaced lot that will maximize parking potential with consideration for drainage and stormwater management, lighting, landscaping and capacity for future electric vehicle charging stations. Removal of the existing structure on the property has occurred and the Town has awarded a contract for engineering services to WT Infrastructure Inc.

Construction of the parking lot is estimated to begin in the spring of 2022 with completion expected before summer 2022. 

Why Now?

The Town of The Blue Mountains has identified a need for more parking in the downtown core of Thornbury.

Project Updates

June 27, 2022

Construction of the Arthur Street West Parking Lot is proceeding well. Concrete curbs and sidewalks have been installed. The contractor is planning to pave the parking lot and road cut on Monday and Tuesday of this week, then will transition to landscaping work. 

Quarterly Progress Reports

 Q1 2022
Project ScopeReduced scope
Project ScheduleOn schedule
Project BudgetWithin amended budget
NotesTown Council has directed staff to remove the pedestrian plaza and bike lockers from the project scope.

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