Thornbury Water Tower

Victoria Street Water Tower Rehabilitation

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As identified through the West Side Water Storage Environmental Assessment, the Town decided to complete a full rehabilitation of the Victoria Street Water Tower and maintain operation of the facility into the foreseeable future. The work to be completed includes:

  • Exterior coating upgrades
  • Exterior and interior steel repairs
  • Interior lining upgrades

The Tower was originally constructed in 1977 by Horton CBI Limited and has remained in operation since. The structure is approximately 47 meters in height with storage cell diameter of approximately 13 meters. The Tower provides an approximate storage volume of 910m3 and helps maintain system pressure in the service area.

The project budget was approved through the 2022 budget process.

Why Now?

This work is required to ensure the Tower continues to provide reliable service to residents.

Project Updates

Public Meetings & Information Centres

There will be no Public Meetings or Information Centres held for this project. To receive updates on the project, please subscribe to the project email list using the link below.


Quarterly Progress Reports

 Q4 2022Q3 2022
Project ScopeWithin scopeWithin scope
Project ScheduleOn scheduleOn schedule
Project BudgetWithin budgetWithin budget

Frequently Asked Questions