Map showing the subject lands of the BMAHC Gateway Site

BMAHC Gateway Site

Project Information
Application Type(s)
Official Plan Amendment
Zoning Bylaw Amendment
Town file #
171 King Street East

Current Status

Awaiting Application

Project location

On June 29, 2020, Town Council directed Town staff to begin the Planning Act process for considering amendments to the Official Plan and the Zoning Bylaw. This process will enable Council and the community to explore development of attainable housing on the former Thornbury Foodland up to a maximum of 4 storeys. No decision has been made on this matter. The process will include release of technical information as it is generated, as well as public engagement and consultation, including both a public open house and a statutory public meeting. After the public process and review of development options, Council will make a decision on the amendment(s).  Please feel free to check out the Blue Mountains Attainable Housing website… for additional information on the Gateway proposal, including concept plans and other information that has been prepared to explore the site potential.  Please note that concept plans are strictly conceptual renderings and no decisions have been made on height, massing, density, or architectural design. 

Updates will be posted as the process unfolds and additional information becomes available.

The Land Use Compatibility report and the Noise Feasibility Study undertaken in support of the proposed Thornbury Gateway project can be located in the documents section of this page.

The Land Use Compatibility report has been prepared based on the “D-2 Compatibility between Sewage Treatment and Sensitive Land Use” guideline of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP).  The focus of the Land Use Compatibility report is to examine the air quality impacts, if any, on the Thornbury Gateway project from the adjacent Thornbury Waste Water Treatment Plan (WWTP).  Note that additional odour monitoring is expected to continue through Spring/Summer 2021 to update the conclusions of this report once the Thornbury Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP) headworks project has been completed.

The Noise Feasibility Study follows Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) guidelines with respect to the impact of noise.  The focus of the Noise Feasibility Study will examine the noise impacts, if any, on the Thornbury Gateway project from adjacent uses or infrastructure such as industrial and commercial businesses, the King Street/Highway 26 corridor and municipal operations (ex. the Thornbury Waste Water Treatment Plan (WWTP).

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