Construction crews working at Bridge 2/3 site

Bridge 2 and 3 Replacement

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Bridges 2 and 3, also known as the Mitchell’s Creek Bridges, are concrete monolithic T-beam bridges connected by a short stretch of 6th Sideroad on the western edge of the Little Germany Management Area. The bridges were originally constructed in the 1930’s. 

A Schedule A+ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment was undertook beginning in April 2019 to assess multiple factors including existing and future traffic operations in the area, the ability to span the water flow at the location, the sensitivity of the environment in the area. The assessment identified the preferred solution to be replacement of both Bridges 2 and 3 with new single-lane bridges. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022.

Why Now?

The existing bridges are in poor condition with deteriorating walls and extensive exposed, rusted steel reinforcements. They have been given a 10-tonne load limit, and that limit will continue to decrease without rehabilitation.

Project Updates

September 26, 2022

HugoMB has completed installation of the reinforcing steel and inner forms for the wingwalls and retaining wall. This week's work plan includes installation of the formwork for the outside of these structures followed by pouring the concrete for them.

Public Meetings & Information Centres

Map of Project Area

Map indicating location of Bridges 2 and 3 on 6th Sideroad near Little Germany

Quarterly Progress Reports

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