Notice of Blasting - Parkbridge Craigleith Ridge

A map showing the area affected by the blasting notice between Grey Road 19 to the West and Lakeshore Road East and Highway 26 to the North. The south boundary is near parallel with Craigleith Road and the east boundary nearly extends to Fraser Crescent.
Maintenance / Service Disruptions

The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to advise that B&J Contracting, on behalf of the project developer, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, will be undertaking rock blasting operations for the Parkbridge Craigleith Ridge Development.

The blasting operations will commence on January 9, 2023, and will continue intermittently until April 2023, during daylight hours. Two to ten blasts are anticipated per day. Residents in the Grey Road 19 and Lakeshore Road East area may hear sirens during blasting operations, and nearby residents may experience a slight vibration when the blast occurs. Seismic monitoring equipment has been installed at locations to maintain acceptable vibration levels in the area.

Notice of Blasting - Parkbridge Craigleith Ridge Development

For more information, visit the project webpage or contact:
Development Engineering
Town of The Blue Mountains
(519) 599-3131 ext. 220