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Part of Lot 21, Concession 2

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Public Open House

MacPherson Builders (Blue Mountains) Limited, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. and Eden Oak (Trailshead) Inc. invite members of the public, Town of the Blue Mountains staff and members of Town of Blue Mountains Council to join them at a drop-in Open House to learn about the proposed stormwater improvement works adjacent to Highway 26, the Georgian Trail, and Lakeshore Road E in Craigleith.

Craigleith Regional Stormwater Outfall Improvements
Craigleith Community Center (132 Lakeshore Road East, Town of The Blue Mountains)
Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Open House Notice

Notice of Blasting

The Town of The Blue Mountains would like to advise that B&J Contracting, on behalf of the project developer, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities, will be undertaking rock blasting operations for the Parkbridge Craigleith Ridge Development.

The blasting operations will commence January 9, 2023, and will continue intermittently until April 2023, during daylight hours. Two to ten blasts are anticipated per day. Residents may experience a slight vibration when the blast occurs.

Notice of Blasting

Watch a video of on-site blasting below. 

Once a blasting area has been prepared for detonation (drilled, loaded, and piled with blasting mats), and made clear of persons/vehicles, three (3) short sirens are sounded.  The planned blast immediately follows these sirens. After the blast, an all-clear siren is sounded. 

Town Staff captured this video at the Parkbridge Development Site on January 16, 2023, approximately 80 m (260 ft) from the blasting location. It captured the second of the three short sirens, the blast, and the follow-up all-clear siren.

Video file

Project Information

The legal description of the property is Part of Lot 21, Concession 2, Including: Part Lot 161, Lot 172, Part Lot 173, and East Part Lot 169 Plan 529, in the former geographic Township of Collingwood, now in the Town of The Blue Mountains.  A triangle parcel on the north side of Lakeshore Road East has been added to the project.  See the key map on the reverse.

Parkbridge-Craigleith submitted applications for Draft Plan Approval, Zoning By-law Amendment, Part Lot Control By-law and Site Plan Approval in December 2016. The original application was modified through an updated set of applications and supporting documents. The revised application was received in April 2017.

Together the applications propose to create three parcels (blocks) of land. Two parcels comprise the Nipissing Ridge that would provide environmental protection and be used to identify the future location of a public trail along the base of the Ridge. The third parcel proposes to be developed with 211 residential units (up from 208 units) consisting of 45 single detached residential units and 166 townhouse units. The proposed residential units would be offered as life-lease community homes, with each unit on an individual land lease. A unit purchaser would own, while Parkbridge-Craigleith would lease the land the unit sits on to the purchaser. Parkbridge-Craigleith would retain ownership and management responsibility for the entire development site.

Parkbridge-Craigleith received a Zoning By-law Amendment and Conditional Approval for a Draft Plan of Subdivision from the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT). 

Parkbridge-Craigleith is now in the process of satisfying the Conditions of Draft Approval and has submitted several technical studies, reports, and drawings supporting final approval.  Town Staff are reviewing the submission and will be reporting back to Council once the conditions have been completed to the satisfaction of Staff or if issues regarding the conditions arise.

In September 2022, the Town executed a Pre-Servicing Agreement with Parkbridge for the Craigleith Ridge site that will allow for certain works to be completed on the property before the subdivision plan's registration and the building issuance permits. This Agreement regulates the activities on the site, including but not limited to tree clearing, preservation and landscaping, earthworks grading and drainage, siltation and erosion control, and construction access. Rock blasting is anticipated this winter, and details will be provided in an additional Notice.  Please see the current Notice of Development Activity available on this page and subscribe to receive future updates.

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