Refreshment Vehicles in the Town of The Blue Mountains

Refreshment Vehicles Zoning By-law Amendment

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Zoning Bylaw Amendment
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Seven Locations Across The Town

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Date of Public Meeting
November 22, 2021
Total Residential Units

Town Seeking Bids

The Town of The Blue Mountains is seeking bids from interested parties to provide and operate food truck services in various locations, as listed below.

  • Tomahawk Recreation Complex – 417230 10th Line, Thornbury
  • Northwinds Beach – 209605 Highway 26, Blue Mountains
  • Little River Beach - 4 Harbour Street, Thornbury

More Information

On May 10, 2022, Town Council passed two Zoning By-law Amendments to permit Refreshment Vehicles on certain lands. The properties being considered to permit Refreshment Vehicles were: 

  • Northwinds Beach - 209605 Highway 26
  • Lion's Park - 118 Lion's Park Lane
  • Little River Beach - 4 Harbour Street
  • Beaver Valley Community Centre - 58 Alfred Street West
  • Moreau Park - 76 Victoria Street South & 128 Alfred Street West
  • Tomahawk Recreation Complex - 417230 10th Line
  • Heathcote Park - 236668 Grey Road 13

The purpose and effect of this Zoning By-law Amendment is to allow the use of a Refreshment Vehicle, as a temporary use, on these lands for a period of not more than three years (except for the Beaver Valley Community Centre land).   The Beaver Valley Community Centre land is to be rezoned to allow a Refreshment Vehicle for special community events on a permanent basis.

The Notice of Passing for the By-laws are now available online:

A Refreshment Vehicle would mean any motor vehicle, trailer, cart or similar vehicle or device used to serve food for consumption. For the purposes of this definition, motor vehicle shall not include an unassisted bicycle or tricycle operated by a single rider.

This proposed Zoning By-law Amendment to allow Refreshment Vehicles was part of a Town pilot project.  This pilot project was given consideration by Council on June 1, 2021 per Staff Report PDS.21.065

Proposed Locations