Resident Satisfaction Survey

In mid-2022, the Town conducted a Resident Satisfaction Survey to help better understand resident needs and expectations related to service delivery.

The survey was conducted online through the Town website, with paper copies available at Town Hall and at The Blue Mountains Public Library. The survey was promoted through various methods, including both print and online.

The Survey consisted of two parts.

  • Part 1: The first part received 369 responses and asked questions about resident satisfaction related to service delivery, customer service and communication, financial management and leadership.
  • Part 2: The second part received 151 responses and asked questions about resident satisfaction with Town-owned infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, bridges, water and wastewater systems, and recreational facilities/amenities.

Survey Results

The results were presented at the Committee of the Whole meeting held on September 13, 2022. At the meeting, Council directed staff to bring forward a subsequent report to outline actions being taken and/or considered to address the comments and feedback provided in response to the survey.

In addition, Council also supported the staff recommendation to conduct a Resident Satisfaction Survey every two years, with the survey results used to benchmark progress and to help inform the annual budget process.

2022 Resident Satisfaction Survey Results